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Here you can find info on each of the services we “should” provide you.

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Below you will find a full description of each of the services laid out in our flat rate pricing package table found here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Services List & Descriptions

WordPress & Premium Themes

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that gives the user a friendly way of managing the content and

appearance of their website. We exclusively utilize WordPress because of it’s wide use and accessibility.  This means there is plenty of customization, add-ons, support, and a giant community of people talking about using and improving WordPress.

We use premium WordPress themes when building all of our sites. These themes almost always cost us money, but the quality, design, spam free installs, and theme designer support are far worth the extra cost to us. Eventually these benefits will be past on to you when we hand the reigns of the site over. Both of these core features are included in all of our site build-outs.

Responsive Design

You might be viewing this website on your smartphone or tablet right now. If you view websites

on your handheld device(s) then you are not alone. In 2012, a Pew Research study said that over 55% of Americans access the internet on a mobile device. This means your site better be mobile friendly. While those “other web guys” will tell you to spend an additional stack of cash on a mobile site, we bundle responsive design with all our builds because we know how important it is.

Responsive design means your site will react to the website users screen size, not what device they are on. This allows for 100% uniform design and content no matter what screen size your website viewers are on.

Custom Contact Forms

One of the main reasons any company has a website is to drive site users to contact them. Custom contact forms allow you to qualify potential leads right through your inbox. Ask us to put in custom form additions that will have the user answer your most common entry level questions right on your website.

We can even add an attachment box, a place for your potential lead’s phone, email, best time to contact, etc. This is included in all of our site build-outs.


Pages on Your Site

Pretty much the biggest difference between our three flat rate pricing packages is the number of pages we will build for you (and then add some SEO flavor to them too). Pages are areas on your site that typically include the Home, About Us, Contact, and other menu items. If you have a current website and need a refresh, we highly recommend the Plus Package to get you on the right track.

If you are looking for 5 or more pages, and especially need some help with copy writing, look into our Premium and Max plans. After we have filled in the number of pages you selected in your package, we will even create the proper menu navigation and blank placeholder pages for the other spots you want on your site. Then all you need to do is type or paste in your own content. Aren’t we nice guys?

Basic SEO Services

What good is your website if no one can find it? Having a website that doesn’t show up in web searches, is like having $100,000 cold cash buried in your back yard you don’t know about…it is of no use to you or anyone else because you don’t know it’s there! That is why we offer basic search engine optimization on all of our site builds. So your cool new site can be seen by the masses. The number of pages we will add our SEO touch to depends on the package you select.

1 Hour of Personalized WordPress Training

When your site is done, we want to hand you the keys. A lot of web agencies out there don’t like handing the keys to your new site over.

Our clients gleefully learning WordPress

Instead they like hitting you up for those extra fees and hourly rate charges when you don’t know how to change that “the” to a “thy”.

We want you to learn how to drive your own site. That is why we pride ourselves in our 1 hour WordPress training session. You don’t even have to take us up on this service, but we hope you do. If you only need 10 minutes of training, we will gladly head for the exits when you feel prepared to handle your site (or your kick us out because we didn’t shower that day). Your call.

Our WP UpKeep Service

When your WordPress site goes live it really is like getting a brand new car (here we go again with this comparison). Everyday automobiles need gas, oil, brake and tire changes just to keep up with the everyday routine. WordPress sites are no different. WordPress itself rolls out updates (not as many as Adobe does, thank goodness!) to keep the CMS secure, and your specific premium theme will need updates too.

WP UpKeepJust the daily grind of your site will attract spam comments and other non-sense. Let us handle the stress of keeping your site a well-oiled machine. All our packages include 1 month free of our WP UpKeep Service. If you want it after that, we only charge $150/month to keep the brakes stout and the tires rotated on your site. If you think that is a too costly, you can shop around, or feel free to handle it on your own. We won’t judge.   🙂

Local Search Pages

Having local search pages created and optimized is huge to any search engine optimization efforts. Our Premium and Max pricing plans include at least one and up to three local search business pages created and optimized for you. These Local Search Pages include your business pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, CitySearch, and more. Depending on your business and desires, we will optimize the best local search pages for you and make recommendations on what other local search sites you should have a presence on.

Copy Writing & Stock Pictures

Some of our clients come with the content and plan for their entire site filled out on Word documents or scribbled on note paper. Others have an idea of what should be said about their company, services, and expertise, but they just don’t know how to say it on paper. Have no worries, you came to the right place. Provide us with the bullet points of what you are looking for and we can fill in the blanks. Just like site content, other clients come to us with a general idea of what types of photos they want on their site (others come with thumb drives filled with photos too). If you only have two pictures, but need an attractive site filled with eye-catching pics…again, you came to the right place. Our copywriting and stock picture services are insane add-ons that we hope you take advantage of by choosing our Premium or Max packages.

eCommerce/Shopping Cart

We love shopping online because we can stay in our sweatpants and badger slippers (with rubber bottoms of course) while perusing the web for our next smartphone case and camo boxer briefs. If your website demands a shopping cart experience, we would love to give your site that power. We can add PayPal payment at no additional charge. We can also add credit card payment options, but you should know that these services have monthly/yearly charges associated with them from credit card payment service providers. 

Our Max Package already includes eCommerce creation. If you want it with this option with perks from another one of our packages, be sure to contact us and we can give you a custom flat rate website quote.
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