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It’s free and easy….says everything ever….but this really is #PinkyPromise. Watch Our Cool Video on Mobile Friendliness by Clicking these Green Words.

If Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly You Are Losing Money!

It is not 1994 anymore so your site needs to stop looking like Craigslist or the Drudge Report because you aren’t selling used sofas for $10 (cash only, no trades) or copying news links on the Clintons. Your business needs a website and not just “a website”, but a website that works on all devices your current and future customers / clients are searching on. Don’t agree? Let this sink in:

 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 34% of those people almost entirely search the web on their mobile device.

If your site is not mobile friendly, those potential leads and sales are leaving almost as soon as they realize they have to “pinch to zoom” on their mobile device (bounce rate). Stop those leads from bouncing to your mobile friendly competitor’s website. Test your site on the Google Mobile Friendly Test right now, then contact us below:

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