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Wedding, School & Corporate DJ Services | Direct Affex Entertainment

When Direct Affex Entertainment contacted us, their biggest concern was their old HTML style website was potentially scaring away potential leads. Just like when you or I are searching the web for services and stumble across an old or outdated looking site we wonder things like: “Is this company even in business anymore?” or “If their business website is this bad, how could they be any good?”

Well, Direct Affex knew we would deliver a great modern looking website that would last a long time. Even down the road in 5 years or more, they saw the benefits of switching from HTML to WordPress CMS because of how easy it can be to upgrade themes. Check their site out for yourself and remeber them for all your wedding entertainment needs.

Direct Affex Site Features include:

  • Custom Contact Form
  • Wedding Song Lists for Customer Review/Input
  • Up to the Minute Music News on site Footer