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Why go with Rubber Badger Digital Media?

Because we are as resilient as rubber and our claws are disproportionately huge compared to our bodies like badgers. Basically, we are amazing.

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Here you will find the answers to all your pressing questions about Rubber Badger Digital Media.

RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions). Most People Read This and Never Ask us These Questions
Why does Rubber Badger exist?

We exist to produce website and online marketing services for companies out there that are afraid. No, not afraid of a rabid rubber badger, but afraid of requesting a quote on a new website, SEO services, and more because they fear the disgustingly high estimate from those other guys. In fact, you can rest assured that the price we quote you, is more of an exact charge than an estimate. We never like seeing surprise fees on our final bills, and that is why you won’t see them on your final invoice from us.

Why are you so “cheap” compared to other web companies?

Well, we are slightly offended you are calling us “cheap” in your question there. We prefer the term “affordable”. Our reasonable prices are a mixture of a few things, but basically we don’t have to maintain a posh web agency lifestyle, then pass those costs to you.

Here is a comparison of where those high hourly rates and hidden fees are going towards when you choose the “other guys” and where our amazingly affordable one time charge goes when you choose us:

What the “Other Guys” Need to Pay For:
Their Mini Cooper to drive to their trendy, exposed wood and brick loft office space where they sit in a chair that costs more than a used SUV on Craigslist. While browsing the web on a computer that would have enough CPU power to run NASA in 1988. This whole time you can find them sipping on a $7 cup of specialty coffee, pondering which next small-medium sized business they can milk (soy milk, because cow’s milk is not their style) for for way more than they should…but living the “web agency” life is not cheap, right!?

What Rubber Badger Needs to Pay For:
Our family haulin’ mini-van or slightly rusty 1998 Geo to drive to our 1950’s 3 bedroom ranch that is in a state of semi-disrepair, where we sit on either a completely destroyed recliner or stained couch that cost a couple hundred dollars at a wholesale furniture store in 2007. While we browse the web on laptops that have just the right amount of power to create awesome websites that will last longer than NASA did in the 21st century. This whole time you can find us sipping on generic Mountain Dew, pondering how much money we can save the next small-medium sized business that has enough business sense (and cents) to contact us.

Since Rubber Badger doesn’t enjoy the lavish lifestyle of a downtown agency, can you really perform great digital media service?

You shouldn’t ask us this question, because we will unbiasedly answer “of course we can”. Instead, you need to see our work for yourself, and see what those clients say about the service we performed for them. The short answer that they all will tell you is “of course Rubber Badger can, haven’t you seen my company’s website?”.

Why do you exclusively work in WordPress, anyone can do that, right?

Exactly! We implore you to try and build your own WordPress site, but we know we can do it better and faster than you. If you can do it better and faster than us, why are you even reading this far into our website? Exactly again, you do need our help. We also like being upfront with our future clients and tell them how and why we do things. WordPress is the widest used website content management system out there and has the most support. This means that we actually want you to be able to take over your site when you are done with us. WordPress allows you to edit your site so you don’t have to keep coming back to us or some other guys to perform small alterations. That is why every site build we do, we include a 1-hour custom WordPress training session for your site. So that you can handle WordPress and your site on your own. If you really don’t want to see the back end of your website, we have you covered with our WP UpKeep service. Check this out and more on our services page.

How fast will my site be completed?

It usually depends on our current workload, but if you tell us everything you want and provide us with needed content and/or content direction, photos, URL information, and other upfront materials, we can almost guarantee your new site will be live in 3 weeks. Obviously custom additions will slow us down a tad, but we pride ourselves in getting your site done quickly so you can start catching more online leads for your business.