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We know you want to hire us, hopefully this page convinces you too. If it doesn’t, just contact us anyways.

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How We Got Started

It was many moons ago…just kidding. It was only about a year ago when we noticed that building websites for companies was not actually rocket science. With professional backgrounds in marketing and design, we are definitely not normal individuals (in a plethora of ways we are not normal) and we started playing around in WordPress. We were making a website as a side project, and realized we could start doing this for other people and truly put out awesome work at reasonable prices. That is why we started Rubber Badger Digital Media, LLC. So no company out there should be forced to either suffer with its website that was built when Starter jackets were still cool, or feel like they are forced to pay obscene prices for a website just to stay “hip” with current web trends. To really see why we are so affordable compared to those “other guys,” and why it will be virtually impossible to regret going with us, head over to the Why Rubber Badger? page.

The Name Rubber Badger, Seriously?

We knew that ridiculous name would catch your attention. The name was raising eyebrows and causing road rage all over I-94 before we even officially launched, but the name has real meaning (now comes the part we make-up why it’s such an awesome name). When we were thinking of a name, we thought of objects that stood out and could stand the pressures/strains of everyday life. What is the only material that travels millions of miles a day across the world, dealing with literally all types of bumps and ditches along the way? Rubber. What is the last creature you want to see in your tent in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, after filling your gullet with 5+ pudgie pies, while this creature thinks you are out to catch their cubs, when all you really want to catch is some Zs? You guessed it, a badger.

Having Rubber Badger Digital Media navigating your website journey means your company’s new site and brand power will suddenly have the durability of rubber compiled with the ferociousness, your competition dreads, of a mother badger defending her cubs. You better beware, Rubber Badger Digital Media will be here to stay, longer than those rubber white wall tires on your grandpa’s 66′ Buick, and we will be fighting for your satisfaction, as if you were one of our little badger cubs stranded in a lush Wisconsin swamp.

Our Team

Kyle head Kyle O’Boyle, Owner & Digital Marketing Specialist

Kyle not only works in the marketing world everyday, but he lives and breaths it. When he comes across a logo, website, or a funny animal picture online, he always has something to say about it. His skills range from copy writing to website design, and even trend towards what some would describe as near “semi-pro Xbox player” talents (seriously. don’t let him get his hands on a sniper rifle on any of the Halo games).

When he founded Rubber Badger Digital Media it was based on passion and putting a stop to website and design work costing as much (or more) as brain surgery. He is often found mumbling in his sleep and telling potential clients this phrase: “If you want to spend $400 an hour to get a website done, then go ahead, but Rubber Badger will claw and fight to get you an awesome website for more than half that!” (#Cheesy, we know).

Ben head Ben Ryan, Designer & “Idea Guy”

Ben and Kyle’s friendship was forged on the hardwood, as they attempted to mimic 90’s NBA greats like Michael Jordan, the young Shawn Kemp , and Luc Longley (wait…what?).  Now you can find them teaming up on the cloud (occasional hardwood attempts still happen, but all their dunks have been replaced with fancy layups) attempting to get clients’ brands and online presence into 1996 Chicago Bulls shape (a.k.a. domination).

Ben has years of artistic drawing and digital design experience. Almost all of his designs start with a hand sketch, and morph into something that almost always amazes clients, and is typically met with the “that is exactly what i wanted, but didn’t know how to describe!” response. Getting Ben and Kyle on your digital marketing team is truly like having Jordan / Pippen at Blue Edwards and Brad Lohaus pricing.